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Recently, some international headlines have proclaimed we're approaching an "end to recycling." While the recycling landscape has changed nationally due to China’s decision last year to stop importing some mixed plastics and mixed paper, it is far from dead, especially in Alameda County and the Bay Area. 
The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) recently announced its latest round of grant recipients for the Healthy Soils Program, distributing $12.48 million throughout the state.
At a recognition event this week, StopWaste acknowledged the recipients of the 2019 StopWaste Business Efficiency Awards, given for outstanding achievements in waste reduction. The winners - six companies from around Alameda County - represent a wide range of industries and were selected for their leadership in waste prevention, reuse, and composting.
In June, two participants from StopWaste and the City of Oakland will participate in a study tour in Milan to examine how other cities are tackling the issue of wasted food.
The Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board has a vacancy in the category of “an Environmental Educator employed as such on a full-time basis.” The appointee must live in Alameda County.  Term of the appointment is two years, and board members are eligible for re-appointment to one additional two-year term.

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