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Site Inspectors for Mandatory Recycling Ordinance Project

The Site Inspector positions primarily consist of fieldwork to perform site inspections of commercial and multifamily accounts for the Mandatory Recycling Ordinance (MRO) project. On occasion, Site Inspectors will also conduct Reusable Bag Ordinance inspections and field sampling for the Measurement and Analysis project. The position will receive direction from staff working on these projects. StopWaste offices are located at 1537 Webster Street in downtown Oakland, but Site Inspectors will be performing fieldwork throughout Alameda County.  This is a three-year limited-term position, with potential for future extension.

Example of Duties

Consistent with the Site Inspector job description including the following duties:

  • Inspects commercial and multifamily accounts based on daily assignments of locations due for inspection; organizes and schedules routes to ensure timely completion of inspections; gains lawful entry to sites.
  • Locates hauler-serviced garbage, recycling, and organics bins; opening bags if necessary, examines, photographs, and reports on contents of each container and the site conditions; provides thorough documentation and relevant details related to compliance or suspected non-compliance through a handheld computer tablet; contacts supervisor if clarification or guidance is needed.
  • Initiates contact with and represents the Authority in account interactions; provides account representative with printed reference material and information related to Ordinance compliance; answers account inquiries and refers questions and issues to the appropriate resource as needed.
  • Inspects retail and eating establishments regarding the type of carryout bags provided and whether customers are being charged for bags; provides thorough documentation and relevant details related to compliance or suspected non-compliance.
  • Samples and sorts garbage, recyclables, and organic materials from businesses in relation to metrics-gathering fieldwork on an occasional basis.
  • Drives assigned vehicle and performs safety and service checks as needed.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Be able to effectively communicate in person, over the telephone, and in writing.
  • Knowledge of applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulatory codes, ordinances, and procedures relevant to assignment.
  • Ability to identify common recyclable and compostable materials in the waste stream.

Start Date

Two positions available starting on or after July 8, 2019. This is a three-year limited-term position.  Interviews will be in person. First interviews are expected to be held the week of June 24th, 2019. Second interviews may be held late June/early July.

Please see the job announcement for additional details.

Application Procedure

Applications and correspondence will be accepted through email. Please email the following documents to and include the position title “Site Inspector” in your cover letter and email subject line.

  1. Cover Letter referencing the position title
  2. StopWaste Application
  3. Resume

Application packets may also be dropped off or mailed to the StopWaste office:
1537 Webster St., Oakland, CA  94612
ATTN:  Site Inspector Positions


Final Application Filing Date

Monday, June 10, 2019 - 5:00pm