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WMA/Energy Council
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 3:00pm
1537 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 891-6500

Meeting is wheelchair accessible.  Sign language interpreter may be available upon five (5) days notice by calling 510-891-6500.  Members of the public wanting to add an item to a future agenda may contact 510-891-6500.





    Members are asked to please advise the board or the council if you might need to leave before action items are completed


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      Approval of the Draft Minutes of January 25, 2017 (Wendy Sommer)

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      p. 11 of full packet

      Waste Characterization 2017: Contractor Recommendation (Meghan Starkey)

      The Programs & Administration Committee recommends that the Authority Board authorize the Executive Director to enter into a contract with SCS Engineers for a total of $347,000.


    An opportunity is provided for any member of the public wishing to speak on any matter within the jurisdiction of the boards or council, but not listed on the agenda.  Total time limit of 30 minutes with each speaker limited to three minutes.


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      First Reading and Public Hearing for Ordinance 2017-02: Amendment to the Alameda County Integrated Waste Management Plan to Include the Davis Street Transfer Station Organics Facilities in the City of San Leandro (Debra Kaufman)

      Staff and the Recycling Board as LTF and the P&O committee, recommend that the WMA Board take the following actions:

      Hold a public hearing and introduce and waive the first reading of the CoIWMP Amendment ordinance (Attachment A) at the February 22, 2017 meeting to:

      1. Amend the ColWMP (Exhibit 1) to include the Davis Street Organics Facilities at the Davis Street Transfer Station in San Leandro, and make additional changes for consistency;
      2. Find that the Davis Street Organics Facilities including the organics materials recovery facility (OMRF), composting facility and anaerobic digestion facility conform to the CoIWMP as amended and;
      3. Make the findings required by CEQA, and also recommend that the Authority Board direct staff to place the ordinance on the calendar for adoption at the March 22, 2017 meeting. 

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      p. 131 of full packet

      Workforce Strategy: Two-Year Service Credit (Pat Cabrera)

      Staff recommends that the WMA Board approve offering the two-year service credit to eligible employees in the Program Manager I, Program Manager II and Senior Program Manager classifications, and approve establishing the window period to begin May 1, 2017 and end September 30, 2017.  Staff further recommends that the Board direct the Executive Director or designee to prepare the enacting resolution for action at the March 22, 2017 WMA Board meeting.

    3. Interim appointment(s) to the Recycling Board for WMA appointee unable to attend future Board Meeting(s) (Wendy Sommer)

      P&O and Recycling Board meeting, March 9, 2017 - 4:00 pm – StopWaste Offices, 1537 Webster Street, Oakland, CA




Download the Agenda or Full Packet below. Individual items may also be downloaded to the left.


Dan Kalb, WMA President
City of Oakland, WMA, EC

Michael Hannon, WMA 1st Vice President
City of Newark, WMA,EC

Dave Sadoff, WMA 2nd Vice President
Castro Valley Sanitary District, WMA

Lorrin Ellis, EC President
City of Union City, WMA, EC

Dianne Martinez, EC 1st Vice President
City of Emeryville, WMA, EC

Jim Oddie, EC 2nd Vice President
City of Alameda, WMA, EC

Keith Carson, County of Alameda, WMA, EC

Peter Maass, City of Albany, WMA, EC

Jesse Arreguin, City of Berkeley, WMA, EC

Don Biddle, City of Dublin, WMA, EC

Vinnie Bacon, City of Fremont,  WMA, EC

Sara Lamnin, City of Hayward, WMA, EC

Bob Carling, City of Livermore, WMA, EC

Shelia Young, Oro Loma Sanitary District, WMA

Tim Rood, City of Piedmont, WMA, EC

Jerry Pentin, City of Pleasanton, WMA, EC

Deborah Cox, City of San Leandro, WMA, EC

Wendy Sommer, Executive Director

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