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Program Manager II: Communications

Have a wide breadth of communications experience and want to make a difference? We’re looking for a digitally savvy communications specialist to join our dynamic team, reporting to the Communications Manager. Our ideal candidate is a flexible, team player who can juggle multiple projects at once, and who is highly skilled in digital communications with experience delivering successful outreach campaigns.

The Role:

Digital Communications

  • Oversee and implement social media strategy under direction of the Communications Manager
  • Create and publish all day-to-day social media content while ensuring content aligns with Agency voice and Search Engine Optimization best practices
  • Coordinate and oversee work of staff assisting with social media work
  • Review analytics as needed to track engagement, trends etc. and make adjustments to strategy
  • Oversee production and/or shoot video for use on website and social media
  • Design and implement email marketing/paid advertising
  • Create relevant, timely and appropriate content for Agency website


  • Manage the development of communications campaigns
  • Assist individual project managers with the development and implementation of project outreach components; including campaign design, overall outreach approach, website and social media content
  • Coordinate outreach elements such as messaging, ad placement timing, etc., among individual agency projects
  • Ensure all audience-facing campaigns meet Agency communication standards
  • Oversee work of outside vendors for graphic design, photography, ad buys, etc. as needed


Download the Job Announcement for full details.


Final Application Filing Date

Monday, March 19, 2018 - 5:00pm
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