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Make Compost

Compost helps loosen clay soil, allowing air and water to penetrate. Compost unites fine particles in sandy soil, allowing greater water-holding capacity.

Composting appeals to the thrifty person in all of us. It feels good to recycle food scraps and plant trimmings back into the soil rather than have them hauled away. And composting results in a very valuable product. The best soil amendment—your own homemade compost—is one that money can’t buy.

Before getting started it is important to consider what you will be composting—backyard composting works for yard trimmings and food mixed with yard trimmings, and worm composting works for food scraps only. We also provide plans for building your own compost bin, and information about where to buy bins

If you don't have the space or inclination to make compost, or if you have more material than your home compost bin can handle, be sure to put your plant waste and food scraps in your green yard waste cart and set it out for weekly pickup. Don't throw these valuable resources into the trash! Find out more about food scrap composting.