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Hire a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional

Find a Bay-Friendly Landscape Professional

Locate a trained professional who can help you design, install and maintain a beautiful drought-resistant landscape or garden. Search ReScape California's online directory.

More than 1,600 landscape professionals have completed the Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional training program, where they've learned landscaping strategies that work with nature to reduce waste, conserve resources and prevent pollution. Here's how they can help you:

Design and installation services

Bay-Friendly Qualified design professionals can plan and install new landscaping that looks beautiful and does a world of good. They're trained in environmentally sound strategies such as:

  • Assessing soil conditions and using organic amendments to improve soil health
  • Saving water and money for their clients by selecting plants that look great without a lot of summertime irrigation, grouping plants by water needs, and installing high efficiency irrigation equipment and rainwater harvesting systems
  • Enriching the soil with compost to improve the vitality of your plants and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers
  • Mulching the soil to give your property a well-kept look, improve drought resistance and keep weeds under control

Maintenance services

If you need help with upkeep, hire a Bay-Friendly Qualified landscape maintenance professional. It's a great way to help ensure that safe, environmentally sound landscaping practices are used on your property — whether or not it was originally designed as a Bay-Friendly landscape.

Bay-Friendly Qualified landscape maintenance professionals know how to:

  • Care for lawns with few or no chemicals
  • Source quality compost and mulch that can improve plant health while reducing fertilizer and pesticide needs
  • Maintain irrigation systems to reduce water waste and improve plant health
  • Sheet mulch lawns in place and plant beautiful meadows of grasses and wildflowers suited to your property's conditions

Tips for Hiring a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional

Hiring a Bay-Friendly Qualified Professional to Design or Manage Your Landscape

Whether you're a property owner, manager, or developer, this helpful brochure provides tips and considerations when evaluating potential landscape professionals for your home garden or commercial property.