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Sharps Containers

It is illegal for needles and other sharps to be placed in the trash or recycling containers since they could cause an injury. “Sharps” is a medical term for devices with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. Examples of sharps include needles, syringes, lancets, auto injectors (such as EpiPens), and infusions sets.

Disposal Options:


Locations that Accept Sharps Containers*

Name City Address
CVS Pharmacy Alameda 931 Marina Village Parkway
Berkeley Police Department Berkeley 2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
CVS Pharmacy Berkeley 2655 Telegraph Ave.
CVS Pharmacy Castro Valley 3667 Castro Valley Blvd.
CVS Pharmacy Dublin 7201 Regional St.
Capsule Pharmacy Fremont 2557 Mowry Ave., #11
CVS Pharmacy Fremont 2000 Driscoll Rd.
CVS Pharmacy Fremont 4020 Fremont Blvd.
Haller's Pharmacy and Medical Supply Fremont 37323 Fremont Blvd.
CVS Pharmacy Hayward 22501 Foothill Blvd.
CVS Pharmacy Hayward 26059 Mission Blvd.
CVS Pharmacy Hayward 243 West Jackson St.
Mission Pharmacy Hayward 22138 Mission Blvd.
Ted's Drugs Hayward 27453 Hesperian Blvd.
Tennyson Pharmacy Hayward 589 W. Tennyson
CVS Pharmacy Livermore 1500 1st St.
CVS Pharmacy Livermore 4405 1st St.
Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy #241 Livermore 3000 Las Positas Rd.
CVS Pharmacy Newark 35080 Newark Blvd.
CVS Pharmacy Oakland 7200 Bancroft Ave.
CVS Pharmacy Oakland 4100 Redwood Rd.
CVS Pharmacy Oakland 344 Thomas L. Berkeley Way
New Oakland Pharmacy #1 Oakland 333 9th St.
New Oakland Pharmacy #2 Oakland 388 9th St. #108
New Oakland Pharmacy Lake Merritt Oakland 250 East 18th St.
Wellspring Pharmacy Oakland 4184 C Piedmont Ave.
Piedmont Police Department Piedmont 403 Highland Ave.
CVS Pharmacy Pleasanton 3010 Bernal Ave.
CVS Pharmacy Pleasanton 6750 Bernal Ave.
Kaiser Health Plan South 1 PHY 471 Pleasanton 7601 Stoneridge Drive
CVS Pharmacy San Leandro 1550 East 14th St.
CVS Pharmacy San Leandro 14869 East 14th St.
CVS Pharmacy San Leandro 699 Lewelling Blvd.

*Make sure sharps are placed in a proper disposal container no greater than one gallon in volume.


Special Instructions:

Sharps must be placed in a sharps disposal container immediately after they have been used. Sharps disposal containers are available at most chain pharmacies and drugstores. Check with your health provider for information about disposal containers at the time your prescription is written. If you have difficulty finding a container call Household Hazardous waste at 800-606-6606.