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Food Scrap Composting Tips

Keep compost clean

  • Remove stickers, twist ties, and rubber bands from produce.
  • Plastic, glass and metal should never go in the green cart.

Collect your food scraps

  • Keep a small bowl handy for food prep trimmings and for scraping your plate.
  • Use a paper bag, newspaper liner, BPI-certified compostable-plastic bag, or kitchen pail to collect food scraps.

Store your food scraps in a convenient place

  • On the counter
  • Under the sink
  • In the fridge or freezer – especially for meat and fish or during hot weather.

Put your food scraps in the green cart for weekly pick-up

  • Toss your compostable or paper bag of food scraps in the green cart.
  • Empty food scraps from your collection pail or bowl into the green cart.
  • Line the bottom of green cart with newspaper or leaves to keep it clean.

Be a helpful host

  • You can remind guests and family to be a good sort. Create visual aids with our Sign Maker tool.

Further tips and information about food scrap composting can be found on our YouTube channel.