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Every Day is Earth Day Toolkit

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020 was our opportunity to commit to taking action as global caring citizens. StopWaste’s Virtual Earth Day project inspires collective action at home. Using a shared virtual space, we brought together our collective actions, ideas for the future and celebrated as an intergenerational community. Beyond Earth Day, we continue to define together what it means to be part of the new (Re)Generation.

See our Celebration Gallery to see how others in our community are taking action. 

Every Day is Earth Day Toolkit

The Every Day is Earth Day Toolkit provides a roadmap to a wide variety of creative, reflective and meaningful actions that teachers, students and families can easily do from home. Whether you’re able to do a single action, or complete all of the actions, our goal is to rebuild together our story of a regenerative earth. 

Every Day is Earth Day Calendar

The action calendar can be used as a menu or day-by-day guide for taking action. Launched in April 2020, each day is represented by an “R” which inspires us to think beyond the traditional 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. Each “R” asks us to reflect on our connection with the earth and our communities. Remember, this calendar is simply a guide for possible actions. If you have another “R” that is part of your (Re)Generation story, let us know!

Download the Calendar PDF 
Download the Calendar as a Google Doc 

Missed a day of action? No problem! Take action however you can, when you can. A lot on your plate right now? No problem! You can use the calendar as an action menu and choose to complete the actions in a way that most connects with you. 

Every Day is Earth Day Journals

Students, teachers and families can follow along each day with these Every Day is Earth day Journal sets that correspond to the days on the Calendar. Each action page could also be a standalone, printable worksheet. 

20 Actions to Earth Day Journal Set 1 
20 Actions to Earth Day Journal Set 2 
20 Actions to Earth Day Journal Set 3 

Sharing Your Earth Day Actions

Want to share your “R” actions? There are 3 ways to share your action stories with us. Use which ever method is easiest for you.

1. Recommended for Students: Download and make a copy of the Celebration Gallery Google Slide Template. Edit your copy with your story of action. Email it to
2. Recommended for Parents: Post your families photo or story to social media and be sure to tag StopWaste!
Facebook - @StopwasteOrg
Instagram - @Stopwaste
Don’t forget to hashtag - #StopWaste
3. Email us your story directly at

All stories submitted to us will be shared in our Virtual Earth Day Celebration Gallery.

Safety & Technology: StopWaste is a public agency so we will not share emails with any outside parties. 
Parent Permission for Posting to Social Media: By sending us your action slide, StopWaste may use your story and share it with our general agency audience. If you do not want your child or any family participants shown, please send us your story only. Thank you!