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WELO Tool Kit & Resources

StopWaste has developed a WELO Tool Kit to help its member agencies implement the Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. The Tool Kit consists of a water budget/water use calculator, model checklists, and a permit counter brochure. 

Public agencies can use these materials as is or modify them to meet local requirements.

WELO Tool Kit Elements

  • WELO Requirements Brochure
  • Water Budget/Water Use Calculator
  • Landscape Documentation Package Review
  • Certificate of Completion Checklist
  • Irrigation Audit Checklist (for use by Irrigation Auditor)
  • Landscape Inspection Checklist (for use by agency staff)
  • Prescriptive Path (Appendix D) Checklist (for landscapes under 2,500 sf if your agency offers this option)

Download the WELO Tool Kit


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Questions? Check our WELO FAQs