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Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes

Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes News

In May 2017, ReScape California launched Version 4 of the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard, a tool used by project teams to set environmental improvement goals and track progress toward earning the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape designation. 

Version 4 is the first major revision of the scorecard since its 2008 introduction. Changes include more than two dozen new best practices recommended by local sustainable landscape experts and proven to be successful in the Bay Area's climates and conditions. Using the scorecard can help ensure that your projects meet or exceed WELO and other code requirements and can help you identify innovative sustainable design options. Download a summary of the scorecard changes.

Also new is an In-House Rating option. Projects can now be rated either by a third-party Bay-Friendly Rater or by a member of the project team who is a qualified Bay-Friendly Rater. Visit ReScape California's website for details.

The Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes program is managed by ReScape California. Visit their website for more information.

Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes are verified to meet the standards of the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard. Incorporating Bay-Friendly practices in the design, construction and management of landscapes can provide many benefits, including:

  • 50–90% water savings 
  • 30–70% maintenance labor savings
  • 85–95% weed suppression without herbicides
  • 70–80% reduced runoff
  • 53 tons/acre greenhouse gas reduction

For more information about the benefits of Bay-Friendly Rated landscapes, how to have your landscape project rated, and how to find or become a Bay-Friendly Rater, visit ReScape California

Need to Hire a Bay-Friendly Rater? 

To hire a third-party Bay-Friendly Rater, use ReScape California's online directory of Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals. As of May 2017, the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes program also offers an In-House Rating option. A project may be In-House Rated if a member of the project team has completed the Rater Training and is a Bay-Friendly Rater in good standing. 

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