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Previously Funded Grants

Since 1996, StopWaste has provided more than $8 million in funding to local organizations for innovative projects that decrease the amount of waste generated and sent to the county's landfills, and encourage the development, marketing and use of recycled products. The grants program is currently focused on funding waste prevention and reuse and repair projects. Below is a searchable database of grant recipients from FY 2017-18 to FY 2019-20.

Reusable Transport Packaging Grants
Grantee Location Fiscal Year Amount Description
Agricultural Institute of Marin Alameda County FY19-20 $10,000

AIM currently manages seven Certified Farmers Markets in the Bay Area (San Francisco, Alameda, and Marin Counties), a mobile market, and provides hands-on educational programs to thousands of children and adults about the connections between the environment, agriculture, and health. AIM will coordinate this project on behalf of 8 participating farms to replace 14,400 cardboard boxes with 645 reusable plastic totes for transporting produce to East Bay markets over a five year period.

Berkeley Food Network Berkeley FY19-20 $5,555

BFN's Food Recovery Program is working to close the gap between the number of people in Berkeley experiencing food insecurity and available food-assistance services. They will purchase reusable plastic pallets and totes to replace limited-use wooden pallets and cardboard boxes, temperature controlled food storage equipment (e.g. thermal blankets and hot/cold boxes) to keep recovered food at the proper temperature to prevent edible food from spoiling, and reusable food containers to reduce the use of disposable aluminum trays. These measure will allow the recovery of approximately 200,000 lbs. of edible food each year.

Drake's Brewery San Leandro FY19-20 $5,000

Drake’s Brewery will replace approximately 290,000 feet of plastic film and 16,640 pounds of wooden pallets per year by purchasing 32 reusable plastic pallets, 12 pallet wraps, and 300 pallet bands to move raw materials and finished product across the brewery’s production spaces.

Emerald Packaging Union City FY19-20 $5,000

Emerald Packaging has been manufacturing and distributing flexible packaging throughout California and North America for over 50 years. They are replacing the high-density non-recyclable paper cores with 240 reusable plastic cores for transporting film packaging (1 reusable core replaces 20 fiber cores).

Hall's Organic Farms Alameda County FY19-20 $3,500

Hall's Farm will replace approximately 5,800 waxed cardboard boxes per year by purchasing 400 reusable plastic crates for weekly delivery of produce from their Salinas Valley farm to five restaurants and two farmer’s markets in Alameda County.

Planetary Products, Inc. Berkeley FY18-19 $4,600

Funds used to purchase 150 reusable totes which are used to deliver ready-to-eat packaged meals to grocery stores throughout the Bay Area, eliminating 2500 corrugated boxes each year, reducing product loss and improving worker safety.

Daylight Foods Alameda County FY18-19 $5,000

Funds used to purchase 20 reusable wraps, 20 reusable pallets, and 50 reusable totes to deliver produce daily from Milpitas to UC Berkeley.

South Valley Mushroom Farms Alameda County FY17-18 $4,775

Funds 380 reusable totes which replace corrugated boxes used to store and transport mushrooms to Alameda County farmers markets and preventing over 7,000 lbs. of discarded corrugated boxes/year.

Gu Energy Berkeley FY17-18 $5,000

Funds 35 reusable pallet wraps to replace plastic film stretch wrap used on stored pallets in warehouse. The project reduces GU's annual shrink wrap waste by 20%, over 43,000 sq. feet.

Local Greens Berkeley FY17-18 $3,000

Replaces 250 limited-use (due to frequent damage) plastic bins used for distribution of produce with 100 durable reusable totes.

Real Food Bay Area CSA Alameda County FY17-18 $5,000

Replaced corrugated boxes with reusable plastic cooler boxes and reusable dividers for distribution of food in a CSA program. The reusable containers reduce food and packaging waste, save space and result in a cleaner warehouse.

Surplus Service Fremont FY17-18 $5,000

Funded 21 collapsible bulk bins to replace 5 single use gaylord boxes and 5 wood pallets each week. The bins are used for collection and transport of e-waste for reuse and recycling. Over 100 gaylord boxes and pallets (each) are prevented from landfill each year.