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Joaquin Miller Elementary Students Lead Charge to Prevent Wasted Food

On October 3, the student body at Joaquin Miller Elementary School in Oakland came together during an assembly to kick off a new movement to reduce wasted food at their school.

Approximately 40 percent of edible food ends up in landfills, never reaching a plate, despite the fact that one out of five residents faces food insecurity in Alameda County. Schools can play an influential role in helping to solve this problem.

Alameda County Study Reveals Significant Drop in 'Good Stuff' in the Garbage

Oakland, CA—A new Alameda Countywide Waste Characterization Study reveals a significant drop in the amount of readily recyclable materials in the landfill. 

The 2017-18 Study shows that the amount of “good stuff” – such as cardboard, plastic, metal, glass bottles and cans, food and food-soiled paper – make up 36 percent of the waste stream, down from 60 percent when the study was last conducted in 2008. 


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