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Food Scrap Composting Tips

Let’s make food scrap composting a part of our daily routine. Here are some tips to make it easy and clean.

Tub it!

Keep a small tub near your cutting board. Place all those vegetable peelings and trimmings into a bin that you can easily transfer to your large green compost bin.

Line it!

You can line it with a compostable bag to make things even tidier. Just make sure the bag is BPI-certified. A paper bag works great too! 


Out of sight!

Place your compost pail under the sink within easy reach of trimming your vegetables or cleaning your plates.

Milk carton reuse:

Some folks like to use a milk carton to collect food scraps. Once it’s full, you can toss the whole thing into your green bin. Yep, the milk carton turns into compost, too.

Neat News:

Line your compost pail with newspaper or a paper bag to minimize any mess.

Watch this video on how to make an origami pail liner.

Be a helpful host.

You can remind guests and family to be a good sort. Create visual aids with our Signmaker tool.

Further tips and information about food scrap composting can be found on our YouTube channel

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