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StopWaste Grants

The Grants Program provides funding to organizations for innovative projects that will increase individual and community involvement in reuse, recover, source reduction and recycling efforts, decrease the amount of waste generated and sent to the County's three landfills, and encourage the development, marketing and use of recycled products.  The anticipated long-term benefits to Alameda County are protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources, extension of the life of the landfills, and the stimulation of economic activity through the growth of conservation-related practices. 

To be eligible for funding, proposers:

  • Must be based in Alameda County, divert discarded materials generated in Alameda County, or involve educational campaigns targeting Alameda County residents or businesses.
  • Must be a private nonprofit organization with federal, tax-exempt status under section 501(c).  The single exception to this is for the Food Waste Reduction and Reuse grant focus areas, which have funding available for both for-profit and non-profit entities.
  • Must be in compliance with all federal, state and local land use, regulatory and permit requirements.
  • Must not duplicate existing Agency programs or services.

Contact Meri Soll at or 510/891-6500 for more information on grants program.

Download the 2018 StopWaste Grants Application

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2018 Grant Focus Areas:

Note:  Applicants can request funding from only ONE of the following focus areas:

Reuse Grants

The purpose of the reuse grant is to support the viability of reuse organizations; thereby extending the life of products and materials while reducing the environmental impacts and supporting community organizations in Alameda. Grant funding is intended to support reuse organizations that foster creative and productive projects that reuse materials over again in its current form without significant processing that alters its material structure.

Details & Application 

Food Waste Reduction Grants

Funds are available for innovative and replicable food waste reduction and/or food recovery projects for both commercial and institutional kitchens as well as for nonprofits involved in the recovery of food.

Details & Application

Nonprofit / Municipal Grants

The focus of the grant area is to provide a municipality with the opportunity to work with a local nonprofit to implement a diversion program that otherwise may not be implemented due to lack of resources. Grant funding goes directly to the nonprofit entity who implements the project on behalf of the municipality.

Details & Application




Waste prevention/Source Reduction Grants

Source reduction/waste prevention projects prevent or reduce the generation of waste at the source, before recycling. This is one of the more preferable methods of waste management and aligns with the Agency’s focus on upstream programs.

Details & Application


Non Priority Focus Areas:

Priority will be given to the above focus areas, however funding may be available for other project areas listed below:

Recycling and Compost Based Projects

Recycling is the process of recovering material from the waste stream and turning it into new products. The original product is altered in this process to form new products. Recycling occurs at the end of the useful life of a product or material.

Details & Application 


Ongoing Grants

General Mini Grant Program

The Mini-Grant program is designed to provide small amounts of money, within a brief period of time, for a specific and limited purpose and open to all Alameda County based applicants – private firms, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals. The proposed project must be in the area of source reduction, reuse, recycling and market development. Funds may also be requested for educational programs that promote source reduction, reuse, recycling and buy recycled. $5,000 maximum request.

Reusable Transport Packaging Grants

Use Reusables is offering up to $5,000 per approved business or institution for the purchase of reusable transport packaging. Applications will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis until grant funds are expended. $25,000 is available for the 2015/16 Fiscal Year.

Charity Thrift Block Grant Program 

This block grant was developed by the Waste Management Authority Board in 1998 in response to requests by local charity thrifts to provide partial relief from high disposal expenses due largely to illegal dumping. The Charity Thrift Block Grant is intended for Alameda County Charity thrift 501(c)(3) corporations (or distinct operating units or division of such a corporation) that reuses and recycles donated goods or materials and receives more than 50% of its revenues from the handling and sale of those donated goods or materials. $15,000 maximum request.


Additional Documents

Additional Agency grant and incentive funding opportunities that are not part of this solicitation may be found at Agency Assistance and Funding.



External Funding Opportunities


Altamont Education Advisory Board Grants Program

  • Environmental education programs that serve schools
  • Non-formal environmental education programs, serving students K-12
  • Community-based environmental education programs
  • Job training programs in the field of waste diversion and recycling

Details and Applications available here (Due Friday, March 2nd, 2018)

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