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Select the Right Plant for the Right Place

right plant right placeAppropriate plant selection is one of the most important Bay-Friendly practices. In addition to a plant's beauty, it is important to consider a plant's function and placement in the garden. Particular areas of the garden will call for particular plant choices. Appropriately chosen and placed plants will:

  • look better
  • have greater pest resistance
  • require less care
  • use fewer resources
  • generate less waste

StopWaste provides plant selection tipsplant lists, and information about nurseries that offer plants appropriate for our local conditions.

Garden Profile

towering redwood
Right Plant Right Place

When Paul Cannon and Hugo Campos were thinking of moving to Oakland, it was four towering coastal redwood trees that finally convinced them to put down an offer on a house. They have fond memories of entering the home’s garden gate and looking skyward in amazement at the grove of trees that loomed over the 4,500-square foot lot. Not having even stepped inside the house, “they were already sold.”

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