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Home Gardening Resources

The following resources can help you create a healthy, sustainable garden. Also, check out our annotated list of links to other gardening organizations.

  • Bay-Friendly Gardening Guide cover

    This 70+ page guide is written for the home gardener and provides how-to information, a design survey, profiles of East Bay gardens, and much more.

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  • Learn more about building healthy soil with this guide that provides tips to help you get started in your garden. It covers soil building strategies including composting, sheet mulching and cover cropping.

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  • Sheet mulching is a simple technique used to remove a lawn without using grass-killing chemicals. Hosting a neighborhood sheet mulch party to remove your lawn makes it even easier. This toolkit will help guide you through the necessary steps for hosting a successful sheet mulch party.

  • have transformed your lawn into a garden! But, now what? This brochure includes basic how-to tips for maintaining your new garden after sheet mulching.

  • This one page brochure covers the basic steps for sheet mulching your lawn. It's an easy process of layering cardboard and mulch right on top of the grass. Plus, you can plant your new garden right into the mulch.

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  • The book Gardens for San Lorenzo came out of a grant awarded by StopWaste to the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association. The grant funded a landscape architecture class at UC Berkeley, which produced 4 lawn conversion design options, published in Gardens for San Lorenzo. Each design includes a plant list, costs, and options for different lot types. The 72 page book also includes how-to information about sheet mulching and other landscape practices, as well as an illustrated list of plants.

  • The Mulch Guide (available in English and Spanish) has detailed information about using mulch to save money, control weeds, and create healthy landscapes. It includes information on types of mulch and how to use them successfully, sample maintenance specifications, information about using mulch for erosion control, photos of mulch installations and more. 

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  • Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)

    Download lists of Bay-Friendly plants to help you get started with finding the right plants for the different areas of your site and for different uses, such as lawn alternatives, butterfly hosts, and hedges.

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  • Whether you're a property owner, manager, or developer, this helpful brochure provides tips and considerations when evaluating potential landscape professionals for your home garden or commercial property. 

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  • This guide explains how to reduce waste and create beautiful landscapes using salvaged and recycled-content materials. It includes types and sources of materials as well as a section on using “urbanite” to build benches, garden walls and more. Although it was written for landscape professionals, it contains useful information for home gardeners.

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