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Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes

Become a Bay-Friendly Rater or Renew Your Credential

Are you a Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional? Now is the time to take your business and expertise to the next level and become a Bay-Friendly Rater.

And if you are already a Bay-Friendly Rater, you must take this course to learn about changes to the Scorecard and renew your credential.

Register now for the advanced Bay-Friendly Rater Training course, offered on May 3-4, 2017. Learn more. 

Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes are independently verified to meet the standards of the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard. Incorporating Bay-Friendly practices in the design, construction and management of landscapes can provide many benefits, including:

  • 50–90% water savings 
  • 30–70% maintenance labor savings
  • 85–95% weed suppression without herbicides
  • 70–80% reduced runoff
  • 53 tons/acre greenhouse gas reduction

Related Resources

The Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes program is managed by ReScape California. Visit their website for more information. 

New Report Adds Up 10 Years of Bay-Friendly Benefits

Sustainable Landscapes in Alameda County, 2006-2016

This new report lists more than 80 public and commercial properties in the county that have earned or are on track to earning the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape designation.

Bay-Friendly landscape practices improve soil health, reduce waste, save water, and help keep our watersheds and our communities healthy.

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