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CALGreen Resources for Alameda County

New Report: Green Codes for California

A report released on April 8, 2015 summarizes findings and recommendations from the LEED & CALGreen User Group about how codes and rating systems can evolve and harmonize in California. Learn more and download the report. 

California was the first state in the country to adopt mandatory green building measures in its green building code. The California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen) went into effect on January 1, 2011. To download the code language and related publications, visit the state's CALGreen website

As a service to its member agencies, policymakers, code enforcement professionals, and the design community in Alameda County and beyond, StopWaste has developed the following resources about CALGreen:

CALGreen Comparisons to LEED and GreenPoint Rated

CALGreen overlaps to some extent with green building rating systems, although the code is not interchangeable with GreenPoint Rated or LEED. The following links provide information about how CALGreen compares to these rating systems. These reports were developed by StopWaste and have been endorsed by the San Francisco Department of the Environment, Build It Green and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Past Versions of CALGreen Comparisons and Resources

This unofficial CALGreen Companion Guide provides recommendations for documenting CALGreen nonresidential mandatory measures on projects seeking LEED-NC v2009 certification. The Companion Guide is intended for design professionals and building officials. It does not address the voluntary “Tiers” in CALGreen, nor does it address residential CALGreen mandatory code requirements.

Residential CALGreen

Many residential green building policies in Alameda County reference the GreenPoint Rated program, which is administered by Build It Green. GreenPoint Rated has incorporated all the CALGreen residential mandatory provisions into its rating system.

CALGreen Policy Tools

The "Green Codes for California" report from the LEED & CALGreen User Group provides recommendations for how codes and rating systems can evolve and harmonize in California. Published April 2015. 

StopWaste's Green Building Policy Matrix summarizes green building policies adopted in Alameda County, and lists jurisdictions that have adopted CALGreen Tiers.

Our Supplemental Verification Guide for the CALGreen Tiers provides recommended compliance and verification procedures for agencies that have adopted a Tier.

This presentation from January 2014 provides an update on CALGreen, Energy Codes, Build It Green and LEED v4. 

LEED User CALGreen Forum is an open forum for asking questions about the code and getting answers from experts in the green building community.

Landscaping & Outdoor Water Use

Looking for information about landscaping codes and standards? Visit our Landscape Design & Construction section.