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Schoolyards and Gardens

Bay-Friendly school gardens provide a holistic approach to creating and maintaining school gardens and hands-on learning opportunities. They demonstrate ecological concepts, and environmentally-friendly practices that foster a sense of stewardship in students while protecting the San Francisco Bay watershed.

Bay-Friendly School Gardens:
• Build healthy soil 
• Reduce waste in the garden 
• Conserve water 
• Create wildlife habitat 
• Protect local watersheds and the Bay 
• Contribute to a healthy community 
• Save energy 
• Build a network of community support 
• Encourage play, learning and teaching in the garden
Bay-Friendly school gardens offer a diverse range of features that beautify the schoolyard while extending learning beyond classroom walls. They provide living laboratories for students and teachers to participate in garden-based learning that reinforces state standards and classroom curriculum across academic subjects. The resulting garden programs offer a range of diverse features and opportunities for educational activities including fresh fruit and vegetables to harvest, nutrition programs, native wildlife habitat, composting projects and areas for informal exploration, play and discovery. 
Interested in Bay-Friendly resources for your school? Please visit our Sheet Mulch Action Project page.
Peralta and Sequoia Elementary Bay-Friendly School Garden Case Studies
Bay-Friendly School Garden Practices
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