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Grants and Loans

Grants to Nonprofits

There are several grant programs available to the nonprofit community. Please visit the grants to nonprofit overview page for details on the following grants:

  • Community Outreach Grants
  • Competitive Grants
  • Reuse Grants
  • Charity Thrift Block Grants

Free Indoor Green Bins for Businesses

Composting is now mandatory for many businesses and institutions in Alameda County. To make it easier for businesses to collect food scraps, food-soiled paper and plant debris, StopWaste is offering free indoor green bins, up to a $500 value per approved business. Choose from a variety of container and lid options in different sizes, provided by three pre-selected vendors. Funds are limited – apply online now at

General Mini-grants

The General Mini-grant Program is designed to provide small amounts of money (up to $5,000), within a brief period of time, for a specific and limited purpose and open to all applicants – private firms, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals. The proposed project must be in the area of source reduction, reuse, recycling and market development. Funds may also be requested for educational programs that promote source reduction, reuse, recycling and buy recycled.

How2Recycle Label Grants

Grants for use of the How2Recycle Label, an on-package recycling label aimed at providing clear and consistent recycling instructions to consumers. StopWaste is offering funding to cover the How2Recycle License costs for one year, up to $4,000 per applicant. Eligible applicants include brand owners, packaging manufacturers, retailers, and others operating in Alameda County who can influence product packaging design. For more information contact Justin Lehrer

Reusable Food Service Ware Rebates

StopWaste is offering up to $500 in rebates toward the purchase of reusable food service ware for businesses and schools that participate in the ReThink Disposable program.

Low Interest Loans

Low Interest Loans of $10,000 to $300,000 are available to finance projects aimed at recycling, composting or reusing materials that would have otherwise gone to Alameda County landfills. Funds can be applied toward machinery and equipment, inventory, start-up or expansion, or working capital. Example projects include purchasing balers, compactors or shredders, process-efficiency equipment, expanding your recycling-based business or buying a new truck.

Food Waste Prevention Grants

The Food Waste Prevention Grant Program offers grants for innovative and replicable food waste prevention and/or food recovery projects for both commercial and institutional kitchens as well as for nonprofits involved in the recovery of food.

Reusable Transport Packaging Grants

These grants are for up to $5,000 to purchase reusable transport packaging, such as durable pallets, totes, or wraps that replace single- or limited-use transport packaging. The current grant cycle has closed. However, if you are still interested, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how we can help. Click here to contact the Reusable Transport Packaging team. Check back in June for the 2016/17 grant application. For more information about the grants program, visit the Reusable Transport Packaging grants page.


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