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General Minigrant Program

The Minigrant program is designed to provide small amounts of money, within a brief period of time, for a specific and limited purpose and open to all applicants located in Alameda County – private firms, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals. The proposed project must be in the area of source reduction, reuse, recycling and market development. Funds may also be requested for educational programs that promote source reduction, reuse, recycling and buy recycled.

The Minigrant Program is looking for innovative projects which will increase individual and community involvement in source reduction efforts; decrease the amount of waste generated and sent to the County’s landfills, and encourages the development, marketing and use of recycled products. Projects should focus on discard management, product decisions and/or communication.

Please contact Meri Soll at or at 510-891-6500 for more information.

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