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StopWaste Grant Concept Proposal

Please note:  The deadline has passed for 2019 grant concept proposals.  Applicants selected to proceed to the second round will be notified by April 1.

The 2019 StopWaste Grants for Waste Reduction prioritize funding for innovative projects that reflect the Agency's guiding principles and focus on upstream (waste prevention) activities including reuse, repair, deconstruction, product and process redesign, reduction, recovery, and redistribution of food, goods, and other materials.

NEW: The 2019 grant application process now includes an initial grant concept proposal as a first step to reduce the amount of time and resources organizations spend on completing applications for projects that may not match the Agency’s funding criteria. This proposal will be used as a preliminary screening tool to evaluate a grant concept and the applicant’s capacity to carry out the proposed grant in a successful manner. See below for details on the full application process.

Contact Meri Soll at for any questions.

Grant Proposal Selection Process and Timeline

Step 1: Applicants submit Grant Concept Proposals no later than 5 pm, Friday, March 1, 2019. No late or hard copy proposals will be accepted.

Organizations/businesses can only submit one concept proposal as the lead applicant, however organizations/businesses can be listed as a partner organization as part of another proposal that they are not the lead applicant on.  For example, ABC can be the lead applicant for their 'Reuse is Best' proposal as well as be a partner organization for XYZ’s proposal for their 'Computer Reuse Expansion' proposal.  Municipalities are not eligible to receive funding but may partner with a lead applicant for proposed project.

Step 2:  Applicants selected for the second round are notified by March 25, 2019.

Step 3: Selected applicants complete the full grant application by April 22, 2019.

NOTE: Only those applicants whose Grant Concept Proposal (see Step 1) was selected by StopWaste can advance to Step 3. Selected applicants will receive additional information regarding the application process at time of notification.

Step 4: Selected grantees will receive notification of the award by May 20, 2019


Additional Information and Application Tools