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Recycling and Compost Based Project Grants

Recycling is the process of recovering material from the waste stream and turning it into new products.  The original product is altered in this process to form new products.  Recycling occurs at the end of the useful life of a product or material.  Typical recycling projects that have been funded in the past:

  • Equipment and/or infrastructure to increase the amount of materials collected and/or processed for recycling.
  • Outreach projects to residents and/or commercial entities to educate audiences on the importance of recycling and the appropriate methods to properly recycle.

Composting of waste is an aerobic (in the presence of air) method of decomposing solid wastes such as food scraps, yard waste and agricultural waste. The process involves decomposition of organic waste into compost which is a good fertilizer for agriculture.  Projects StopWaste have funded relating to composting are as follows:  

  • Deploying and assessing enhanced food scrap recovery programs at multi-family buildings.
  • Funding to leverage and expand an existing composting education and demonstration center enabling grantee to better serve attendees.  
  • Funding for composting infrastructure and site upgrades.
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