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Reuse Operating Grants

Past grant recipient MedShare ships surplus medical supplies to the developing world.

Applications are now closed for 2017.  Thank you for your submissions.

This Reuse Operating Grant Program was developed to provide funding that can be used for ongoing expenses for non-profit reuse organizations. Reuse is at the top of the recycling hierarchy and therefore the most desirable end use, however, it also tends to be labor intensive with low retail sales prices, making it difficult to sustain over time. While reuse activities can generate revenue, non-profits typically need supplemental funding to continue these activities and/or expand them. The Reuse Operating Grant Program complements the Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board’s competitive Grants to Non- Profits Program.

The Reuse Operating Grant Program is available for reuse projects in Alameda County who are in need of funding for staff salaries and supplies related to promotions, educational and outreach programs and/or collection improvements. There is a maximum of $15,000 per request, per year.


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