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Waste Prevention / Source Reduction Grants

A nonprofit entity may partner with an Alameda County municipality to implement a project or program that relates to the diversion of materials from landfill, including reuse, recycling, and waste prevention on behalf of the municipality. The partnership would require that the nonprofit organization work directly with municipal staff on an ongoing basis to implement the proposed project.  The focus of the grant area is to provide a municipality with the opportunity to work with a local nonprofit to implement a diversion program that otherwise may not be implemented due to lack of resources.  Grant funding goes directly to the nonprofit entity who implements the project on behalf of the municipality.  The grantee is responsible for supervising and administering the grant, including following funding agreement requirements and requesting grant funds.

Examples of previously funded partnerships grants:

  • Nonprofit organization provided staff support to set up,  monitor and process multiple waste sorting stations at large city sponsored festivals.
  • Nonprofit entity conducted large scale outreach activities to multifamily buildings to promote food scrap recycling to residents.
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