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Services for Businesses and Organizations in Dublin

The City of Dublin contracts with Amador Valley Industries (AVI) for garbage, recycling and organics (food scraps, food-soiled paper and plant debris) collection service.

Recycling collection, which consists of mixed (single stream) and separated cardboard service, is provided at no additional charge. Organics collection is available to Dublin businesses for a 50% discount compared to equivalent garbage service. Organics collection service is not currently available for multi-family properties.

Besides the support materials listed below, AVI can also provide commercial customers with free decals, indoor recycling and organics containers, bi-lingual posters, business participation window decals, and custodial how-to-guides, as supplies last.

Besides the support materials listed below, AVI can also provide multi-family properties with free decals, recycling reminder door hangers, and reusable bags with program rules printed on the front for residents to use in transferring their recyclables to the centralized collection containers, as supplies last.

AVI also provides free waste assessments and trainings upon request.

The City of Dublin also offers garbage and recycling enclosure grants for use in building new enclosures or modifying/expanding existing ones.

Service Provider Information:
Amador Valley Industries (AVI)
Phone: (877) 479-9545

City Information:
City of Dublin
Phone: (925) 833-6600

Mandatory Recycling Ordinance

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority Mandatory Recycling Ordinance prohibits the disposal of certain readily recyclable materials. It requires businesses and multi-family properties with five or more units to provide on-site recycling to handle the amount of recyclable materials produced at those locations. Visit the Recycling Rules Alameda County website for more information about the Alameda County Mandatory Recycling Ordinance.

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