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Services for Businesses and Organizations in Oro Loma Sanitary District

The Oro Loma Sanitary District contracts with Waste Management of Alameda County for garbage, recycling and organics (food scraps, food-soiled paper and plant debris) collection service.

Waste Management provides free onsite waste and recycling assessments upon request.

Properties located in parts of San Leandro are in the service area of the Oro Loma Sanitary District and others are located in the service area of the City of San Leandro. If you are unsure which service area you are in, check your garbage bill. If the vendor is Waste Management of Alameda County, you are in the Oro Loma Sanitary District. If the vendor is Alameda County Industries (ACI), you are in the service area of the City of San Leandro.

Service Provider Information:
Waste Management of Alameda County
Phone: (510) 613-8700

Jurisdiction Information:
Oro Loma Sanitary District
Phone: (510) 276-4700

Mandatory Recycling Ordinance

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority Mandatory Recycling Ordinance prohibits the disposal of certain readily recyclable materials. It requires businesses and multi-family properties with five or more units to provide on-site recycling to handle the amount of recyclable materials produced at those locations. Visit the Recycling Rules Alameda County website for more information about the Alameda County Mandatory Recycling Ordinance.

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