StopWaste Benchmark Service

Front cover from the 2014 Benchmark report.

Even though most of us say recycling is important, Alameda County residents and businesses dump as much as $70 million of recyclable and compostable items in the garbage each year. We can't afford to keep doing that.

A new Benchmark Service from StopWaste is providing critical information that will help all of us reduce waste, boost the economy, and get more value from our recycling programs.

NOTE: The fee and service opt-out period for existing account holders ended March 31, 2014. New account holders will have an opportunity to opt-out within 60 days after receiving their first benchmark report, which is expected to be delivered in January 2015.

For those who have opted-out of the service, the benchmark charge may continue to appear on your garbage bill until the first year is paid in full. All garbage account holders are required to pay for the first year of the service, which runs July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014. Each garbage service provider has chosen to bill differently, including monthly or quarterly.

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