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Ready Set Recycle


Visit for more information on food scrap recycling in Alameda County. 

Test your recycling knowledge, enter to win prizes and learn more about recycling food scraps at

Alameda County residents can enter the Recycling Rewards Challenge for an opportunity to win prizes such as gift cards to Peet's Coffee and other local businesses, compost for gardens and fresh food boxes from local farmers while picking up easy tips about recycling. Ready Set Recycle rewards the good recycling behavior of Alameda County residents and helps us achieve our long-term recycling goals.

Visitors to the site can also find watch videos, play the Speed Sorter Game, get recycling information for Alameda County cities and schools; and learn how to properly dispose of different types of items, from pizza boxes to broken glass to chicken bones.

Ramp up your recycling skills today in your home, school or city.

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