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The 4Rs and My Wasteshed

Waste Reduction Action Project

In this project, students learn how to sort recyclables and discover how recyclables are  remanufactured into new products. They learn about the benefits of recycling: natural resource conservation, waste reduction, climate change, and how recycling creates green jobs.  Through scientific investigations, students obtain, combine and apply their science knowledge and what they learned from their school waste audit to take action at school at home to protect the Earth's resources and environment.  

Examples of Waste Reduction student action projects:

  • Students author recycling and waste reduction themed books to read to younger buddies
  • Students write and present classroom presentations to encourage school-wide recycling
  • Students organize school-wide “green teams” or recycling sorting monitors
  • Students create and share educational posters highlighting their waste audit findings with a call to action
  • Students write opinion papers to influence their community to pledge to sort correctly
  • Students create an assembly and promote a school-wide “Ready, Set, Recycle Challenge” monitoring the reduction of landfill waste by improving how students sort materials. Learn how your school can sign up for the Ready, Set Recycle Challenge here.
Click here to register your class for a 4Rs Student Action Project. You may also contact Angelina Vergara, Program Manager at or (510) 891-6520.
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