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    Each school district in Alameda County contracts for their own garbage and recycling collection service and provides their own classroom recycling bin.  StopWaste.Org's irecycle@school program provides the educational program support and indoor classroom signage material to support student's understanding and practice of the 4Rs.

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  • Reports   

    In 2006, StopWaste.Org utilized a local consulting firm to analyze a year’s worth of waste management plan data submitted to several Alameda County cities to develop estimates for C&D waste generation based on construction project type.

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  • Policies   

    ORDINANCE 2008-01

    Alameda County Waste Management Authority ordinance prohibiting the disposal of certain materials at Alameda County landfills. 

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  • Albany Civic Center, A Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape
    Success Stories   

    When the City of Albany renovated the grounds of its Civic Center, they used sheet mulch and compost to naturally improve soil quality, helping create a Bay-Friendly landscape that's healthier for plants and people.

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    Throughout the nation, local and state transportation departments have approved for use high quality road and highway products made with recycled materials. These agencies are purchasing a variety of products, including recycled content traffic cones, traffic barricades, channelizers, delineators, parking stops, sound barriers, object markers, reflective glass beads and much more.
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