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    When you visit Laura Allen’s garden in Oakland it’s hard to believe that when she moved there in 2003 the yard was completely covered in concrete and weeds. She transformed the neglected space into a bountiful garden that produces bumper crops of fruits, nuts, and vegetables without using a lot of potable water.

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  • towering redwood
    Success Stories   

    When Paul Cannon and Hugo Campos were thinking of moving to Oakland, it was four towering coastal redwood trees that finally convinced them to put down an offer on a house. They have fond memories of entering the home’s garden gate and looking skyward in amazement at the grove of trees that loomed over the 4,500-square foot lot. Not having even stepped inside the house, “they were already sold.”

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    Throughout the nation, local and state transportation departments have approved for use high quality road and highway products made with recycled materials. These agencies are purchasing a variety of products, including recycled content traffic cones, traffic barricades, channelizers, delineators, parking stops, sound barriers, object markers, reflective glass beads and much more.
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  • Ettlinger green home remodel, Oakland
    When Judi Ettlinger and Carl Gardeman began remodeling their Oakland home in 1999, they made energy efficiency a top priority. The project initially involved expanding an unfinished area at the back of the house to include a family room, laundry, guest bedroom, half kitchen, one and a half baths, 
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  • Mast green home remodel, Oakland

    Green remodeling makes sense for every style of home, including the East Bay’s beloved Craftsman bungalows. When Bruce Mast and Juliet Cox decided to renovate the kitchen in their 1923 Craftsman home, they made sure that new windows, cabinets,flooring and other finishes harmonized with the original style.

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  • Yu green home, Oakland, CA
    On a lot ravaged by the Oakland firestorm, Gloria and Peter Yu built a sun-splashed contemporary house that’s admired as much for its striking design as for its approach to green building.
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