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  • Sheet Mulching: Step 4 Trenching


    Learn how to dig a trench around the edge of your lawn so that the mulch stays in your yard and doesn't spill onto the sidewalk.

  • Sheet Mulching: Step 3 Remove Vegetation


    Some invasive weeds are difficult to sheet mulch over and should be removed by hand. Examples include ivy, blackberry, oxalis, Bermuda Grass, and dandelion.

  • Sheet Mulching: Step 2 Measure & Calculate


    How much cardboard, compost and mulch will it take to cover your lawn? Learn how to measure and calculate so that you can order the right amount of materials.

  • Sheet Mulching: Step 1 Tools


    Find out about everything you will need to successfully sheet mulch your lawn.

  • Success Stories   

    The City of Hayward's Route 238 Capital Improvement Project is the biggest Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape to date. This project, which includes nearly seven acres of irrigated medians and other landscaping, was designed to save more than two million gallons of water annually. Download the two-page case study to learn more.

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  • Success Stories   

    Read about the City of Alameda Housing Authority's renovation of the landscaping at Independence Plaza, a 186-unit affordable housing complex for seniors. Labor- and water-intensive turf and lagoons were replaced with a no-mow landscape featuring California native plants. The changes are saving 1.3 million gallons of water and reducing maintenance costs by $12,000 annually.

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    Sheet mulching is a simple technique used to remove a lawn without using grass-killing chemicals. Hosting a neighborhood sheet mulch party to remove your lawn makes it even easier. This toolkit will help guide you through the necessary steps for hosting a successful sheet mulch party.

  • Brochures   

    There's a better way to transform your lawn to a water-saving garden. 

    Click the button above to download the Sheet Mulch It! brochure. 

    And find more lawn conversion resources here: 

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  • Reports   

    The book Gardens for San Lorenzo came out of a grant awarded by StopWaste to the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association. The grant funded a landscape architecture class at UC Berkeley, which produced 4 lawn conversion design options, published in Gardens for San Lorenzo. Each design includes a plant list, costs, and options for different lot types. The 72 page book also includes how-to information about sheet mulching and other landscape practices, as well as an illustrated list of plants.

  • Pleasanton Landscape Success Story cover image
    Success Stories   

    Learn how the City of Pleasanton used sheet mulch to convert a lawn along Main Street to a Bay-Friendly landscape that is saving as much as 384,000 gallons of water annually. Sheet mulching the lawn instead of excavating it kept 16.5 tons of turf out of the landfill. The new no-mow landscape looks great, costs less to maintain, and provides bird and pollinator habitat and other benefits.

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