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  • Do the Rot Thing


    Do the Rot Thing – The Simple Art of Home Composting Award winning video that demonstrates the basic steps and shares simple tips for making home composting fun and easy.

  • Compost Time-Lapse


    Watch this time-lapse footage of a compost pile breaking down over a four month period.

  • How-To Compost


    This video presents the basics about what to put in your bin, and how to build and maintain a compost pile.

  • #0019 - The Worm Wranglers pt I


    Barbara Finnin, a Master Composter, goes over the basics of worm composting in this video produced by Freshtopia.

  • nx2Niy3gxnk


    Published on May 1, 2014

    Food scraps become nutrient-rich compost that's used to grow crops on farms, like Terra Bella Family Farm in Alameda County.



    Ever wonder what happens to food scraps in Alameda County? They're turned into rich compost for California farms. Watch this video to see how. Brought to you by StopWaste.

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