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    Sustainable Sites documentation submitted to the U.S. Green Building Council in StopWaste's application for LEED® Platinum certification for 1537 Webster St. Oakland.


    Resolution 2014-2 (11/30/2014): Revisions to Resolution 2006-12 Rule 2, regarding fund balances of recycling fund per capita allocations applied to the Measure D Annual Reports submitted each year.


    As part of the Strategic Workplan adopted in July, 2010, the WMA and Recycling Boards directed staff to
    convene a Franchise Task Force to examine member agency hauling, disposal, and processing
    agreements. The objective is to provide recommendations to member agencies that will enable
    Alameda County to reach the highest diversion rate without significant adverse consequences (e.g.,
    harm to public health, cost, etc.). This memo contains those recommendations.


    StopWaste’s Social Media Use Policy is a guiding document for using social media sites in an official capacity. 

  • Policies   

    StopWaste.Org has had great success through partnerships that promote waste reduction in ways that capture multiple benefits (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions reductions, energy savings, water conservation, green jobs, worker health and safety), because linking waste reduction with other benefits makes it much more marketable. The Workplan continues that approach, but in specific ways that we believe will allow us to achieve a greater scale of success without having to increase our core budget.

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  • Reports   

    This PDF contains current rate information for the following services:

    • Solid Waste and Recycling Services Offered in Basic Rate Package 
    • Monthly Rates for Residential Solid Waste/Recycling/Plant Debris/Bulky Clean Up 
    • Rates for Commercial Solid Waste/Recycling/Plant Debris/Bulky Clean Up

    (updated 9-13-18)

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  • Reports   

    The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, based in Washington, DC, has collaborated with the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and Recycling Board to produce a report, "Innovation, Leadership, Stewardship." Written by the staff of the Institute, the report highlights a number of programs and policies that have made Alameda County a respected national leader in the field of waste prevention and recycling.

  • Reports   

    Pursuant to the Alameda County Charter ( Measure D ), this plan identifies a comprehensive strategy for reaching the county's waste reduction goals.  

    • Green Building, Business and Public Agencies, Organics, Schools, and Media and Outreach program revisions adopted March 2007 by the Authority and Recycling Boards.