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    This fact sheet can help businesses and institutions find environmentally preferable cleaning products that can handle the same commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning needs as traditional cleansers.

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  • News  |  05/26/2016

    Eight businesses were selected for their leadership in reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

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  • Success Stories   
    Materials Reuse finds innovative uses for post-industrial materials being thrown away, sells the materials to other industries for reuse, and provide equipment such as balers, compactors, etc. at their customer sites to ensure reuse.
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  • Success Stories   
    The ReUse People of Alameda County, Inc. provide salvaging services, deconstruction consulting, and reuse sales of building materials for the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego. When they needed to expand transportation capabilities, The ReUse People received a loan to purchase additional trailers and a used bobtail truck.
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