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    Addressing food waste through prevention, redistribution and composting is an emerging focus for city leaders. In the attached article are steps that elected officials, city managers and other leaders can take to make food waste prevention a widespread practice based on interviews with food waste reduction experts, including Staff from StopWaste.

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  • Signage   

    Place this sign inside your fridge to designate an area for foods that need to be eaten soon.

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  • Brochures   

    Learn which fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer inside or outside the fridge with this storage guide. Post the guide on your fridge for quick reference.

  • Brochures   

    Use this printable shopping list to plan meals for the upcoming week with ingredients you already have.

  • News  |  03/28/2016

    To help combat the staggering statistic that 40% of all food grown and raised in the U.S. is wasted, BayROC is launching a second food waste prevention campaign.

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