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  • Volunteers at Hoover Garden Day
    Success Stories   

    Elementary, middle and high school students from across the County have been showing fans how to properly sort recyclables and compostables from trash at Cal football and basketball games as part of our partnership with Cal Athletics which began in 2014. Now Cal Athletes are helping out at the schools.

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  • Harmon Gardens apartments, Berkeley
    Success Stories   
    Harmon Gardens provides 15 studio apartments for one of the Bay Area's most underserved populations, transition-age youth. The community provides a permanent home where residents can develop independent living skills while receiving supportive services.
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  • Success Stories   
    The Dona Spring Municipal Animal Shelter, a beautiful new facility at the north end of Berkeley's Aquatic Park, replaces a well-worn shelter built in the 1950s. Named in honor Dona Spring, a former Berkeley Councilmember and longtime advocate for animal welfare, the new shelter is highly visible from the freeway and more accessible to visitors and volunteers.
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  • Policies   

    ORDINANCE 2008-01

    Alameda County Waste Management Authority ordinance prohibiting the disposal of certain materials at Alameda County landfills. 

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  • Shasta Hills Fire Station, Berkeley - A Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape
    Success Stories   

    The Shasta Hills Fire Station was the City of Berkeley's first LEED certified building with a Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape. All the new plants are low water-using, California native species. To reduce labor costs, plant waste and water use, the design included no lawns and no hedges that require shearing.

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