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Model Specifications and RFP Language for High Performance Landscapes

Section 329300 Plants: Use this model language in your specifications. It covers several practices in the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard such as soil testing, soil amendments and preparation, mulch requirements, and integrated or organic pest management.

Section 01505 Construction and Demolition Waste Management: Use this model language in your specifications for C&D waste management and recycling.

Section 013521 Bay-Friendly Landscaping Requirements: Use this model specification language to require that a project be built as a Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape. The spec language defines Bay-Friendly and lists submittal requirements. Using this spec language earns innovation credits in the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape rating system.

Landscape Maintenance Model Specifications: Use this model language to make sure your maintenance specifications include Bay-Friendly practices.

Sample RFP Language for a Landscape Design Team: Use this model language in Requests for Proposals from landscape designers to design Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes.

Sample RFP Language for Hiring a Rater: Use this model language in Requests for Proposals or requests for competitive bids for the services of a Bay-Friendly Rater.