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Contractor for Stop Food Waste Cooking Demonstrations and Editorial Content

The Agency is seeking contractors or organizations to provide Alameda County residents with access to free or low-cost food saving demonstrations and editorial content covering topics that include meal planning, food preparation, and storage.

These virtual and/or in-person workshop cooking demonstrations, blog posts, and articles, will aim to build people’s life-long skills in managing food in the kitchen, storage and preparation that maximize the life of their food (while reducing waste) and instill confidence in the kitchen to cook more and utilize the food they have at home. During this unusual time when Alameda County residents are being asked to shelter-in-place, the Agency recognizes that our residents and households may benefit from accessible educational material focused on increasing cooking and kitchen management skills that can help reduce waste while stretching their grocery budget and making food last longer.

Qualifications Due: July 17, 2020

For full details, please download the attached RFQ.