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Programs & Administration Committee
Date/Time: Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 9:00am
1537 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 891-6500

Tim Rood
San Jose City Hall
3rd Floor Tower
200 East Santa Clara St.
San Jose, CA 95113

Meeting is wheelchair accessible. Sign language interpreter may be available upon five (5) days’ notice to 510-891-6500.


    1. Convene Meeting

    2. Public Comments

      Open public discussion from the floor is provided for any member of the public wishing to speak on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Programs & Administration Committee, but not listed on the agenda. Each speaker is limited to three minutes unless a shorter period of time is set by the Chair.

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      p. 1 of full packet

      Approval of the Draft Minutes of November 14, 2019 (Pat Cabrera)

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      p. 5 of full packet

      2020 Meeting Schedule (Arliss Dunn)

      It is recommended that the Programs & Administration Committee adopt the regular meeting schedule for 2020.

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      Countywide Element Update: Goals, Objectives and Policies (Wendy Sommer and Meghan Starkey)

      Review the proposed goals, objectives, policies and issues listed in the staff report, provide input and give direction to staff. 

    6. Member Comments

    7. Adjournment


Download the Agenda or Full Packet below. Individual items may also be downloaded to the left.





Jerry Pentin, Chair
City of Pleasanton

Emily Duncan, Vice Chair
City of Union City

Rochelle Nason, City of Albany

Keith Carson, County of Alameda

Susan Wengraf, City of Berkeley

Melissa Hernandez, City of Dublin

Dianne Martinez, City of Emeryville

Jenny Kassan, City of Fremont

Mike Hannon, City of Newark

Dan Kalb, City of Oakland

Shelia Young. Oro Loma Sanitary District

Tim Rood, City of Piedmont

Emily Duncan, City of Union City

Wendy Sommer, Executive Director