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StopWaste Earns Green Business Innovator Certification

January 4, 2021

The California Green Business Network recently recognized StopWaste’s environmental and sustainability practices with its Certified Green Innovator status, the nonprofit’s highest-ranking tier. StopWaste is the second public agency to reach the Innovator certification level, which recognizes that an entity has reached the highest verifiable standards of sustainability, and is leading the movement in California to make a positive impact on people and the planet.

StopWaste was first certified in 2008 with Green Business status, by reducing our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by installing energy efficient appliances and lighting/HVAC systems, reducing toxics through an Integrated Pest Management Plan and by using non-toxic cleaners and building maintenance products, and diverting waste by maximizing recycling and composting.  The Agency continues to innovate and implement environmentally conscientious practices in both our building in downtown Oakland that prioritize the wellbeing of staff, as well as our programs in the community.

Below are some examples of the innovations that earned recognition:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increasing employee health by providing commuter benefits, bike maintenance benefit, and on-site/indoor bike parking.
  • Provided grants to food rescue and donation partners throughout the county to reduce food waste and increase resilience and food security, especially critical during the pandemic.
  • Reduced single-use takeout container waste by providing employees with reusable lunch containers that can be checked out by staff (pre-COVID).
  • Established an in-office food share system by providing stickers to staff to place on food and condiments that can be shared with co-workers.
  • Set up a Reuse Corner in the common area of the office for coworkers to bring in unwanted and no longer needed stuff for others to enjoy or gift.
  • Set up paperless invoicing and contract system, saving hundreds of sheets of paper per month.

The California Green Business Network is led by a coalition of state, local, utility and non-governmental organizations, the program achieves its mission by recognizing and promoting businesses that meet high sustainability standards.