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Recycling Board/ Planning & Organization Committee
Date/Time: Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 3:00pm

TOUR: StopWaste Education Center and Davis Street Transfer Station

No board or committee action taken at this meeting.


Download the Agenda or Full Packet below. Individual items may also be downloaded to the left.



Recycling Board Members

Anu Natarajan,President

City of Fremont
Daniel O'Donnell,1st Vice President
Environmental Organization
Laureen Turner,2nd Vice President
City of Livermore
Barbara Halliday, City of Hayward
Chris Kirschenheuter,Recycling Programs
Michael Peltz, Solid Waste Industry Representative
David Ralston,Environmental Educator
Steve Sherman,Source Reduction Specialist
Minna Tao, Recycling Materials Processing Industry
Gordon Wozniak,City of Berkeley