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4Rs Student Action Projects

Take Action at Home!

Although the 4Rs Student Action Project in-classroom program is on hold due to COVID 19, that doesn’t mean students can’t continue to take action to reduce waste and build a healthier planet! StopWaste has developed pathways for students and families to take action on litter, plastic pollution, and food waste. These pathways, which include activities and action project templates, were developed as part of StopWaste’s resources for distance learning and are designed with the best practices from the in-person classroom program.

Learn more about the Pathways to Take Action at Home

Due to COVID 19, StopWaste's in-classroom 4Rs Student Action Project program is on hold.

About the 4Rs Student Action Project

FREE in-class program for 5th and 6th-grade Alameda County public classrooms

Have students apply their knowledge and skills to make a difference in stopping waste in your community! Your students will investigate and address real environmental issues at your school and put the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot) into practice! Student Action Project curriculum and themes support Common Core English and Mathematics standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Registration is currently closed for the 4Rs Student Action Project Program due to COVID 19. Online resources are available to access. To receive updates on registration and other school news, sign up for our e-newsletter.  

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4Rs Lessons

Use real issues to engage students in real-world learning! Aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, lessons and 4Rs Student Action Projects are designed to review and support 5th grade math, science and English language arts concepts and skills. A StopWaste educator will visit your classroom and facilitate a 3-part series of 2-hour lessons which includes: 

Lesson 1

Students will be introduced to the environmental theme and vocabulary by becoming “Garbologists” and conduct waste audits at home and school. 

Lesson 2

Analyzing their waste audit data, students will further investigate environmental science concepts, and develop a 4Rs Student Action Project applying their knowledge and skills. Their action project will include creating outreach materials to communicate their findings and solutions for reducing waste to their school, households and community. 

Lesson 3

Students will take action spreading the 4Rs message, evaluate and celebrate their work.  Have your students be part of the solution and contribute to our countywide waste reduction goals!

The 5 Step Action-Based Learning Model

The 4Rs Student Action Project uses the 5 Step Action-Based Learning Model as a framework for students and teachers to take action.

Step 1: Asses & Prep

Students are introduced to an environmental topic, build background knowledge and research.

Step 2: Audit

Students conduct an assessment of their waste stream, typically with a cafeteria waste audit.

Step 3: Analyze & Plan

Students analyze waste audit data and reflect. Based on their findings, students plan an action project.

Step 4: Action

Students take action at school, at home and in their community. 

Step 5: Aggregate & Celebrate

Students report findings and results to their school and home community. Students along with StopWaste also celebrate their successes!