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Grant FAQs

There are multiple focus areas, can I submit a grant application to more than one focus areas?

No. Applicants can only submit ONE application to ONE focus area.


My proposed project focuses on recycling and/or composting; which focus area should I submit the application to?

Recycling and composting based projects ARE NOT eligible for this grant funding.


Can previously awarded StopWaste grantees apply for grant funding?

Yes.  Please note that organizations and businesses with open grants must contact their grant manager to assess if they are eligible for additional funding.


If my business or nonprofit is located outside of Alameda County but provides services in Alameda County, can we apply for funding?

Entities located outside of Alameda County are eligible for grant funding if their projects are based in and/or prevent waste in Alameda County.


Do I need to have insurance to be awarded funding from this grant program?

Yes, applicants must maintain insurance documentation that meets the Agency’s minimum criteria, please review requirements


Can an organization utilize a fiscal sponsor to apply for grant funding?

Yes, but there must be an official fiscal sponsorship arrangement where the fiscal sponsor accepts tax deductible donations and grants on behalf of the sponsored project/organization. The sponsor accepts responsibility for the use of those funds and ensures the funds are used per the proposed project and utilized for charitable purposes, along with any additional grantor restrictions. To ensure this is not merely a pass-through of charitable dollars from the 501(c)(3) to the project, the IRS requires that the sponsor have “complete discretion and control” over the funds.  
All applicants requesting to utilize a fiscal sponsor must be approved in advance of submitting your application; please contact Meri Soll at for approval/more information.

Can I use the grant funds to pay for a new employee/position to implement the proposed grant?

Yes, however grant funding for any staffing position (full or part time) cannot be in excess of 50% of the budgeted salary or pay for that employee/position.


Can for-profit businesses apply for funding?

Yes, both for-profit and non-profit organizations can apply for funding.


Can religious organizations (e.g., church, synagogue, etc.) apply for a grant?

Yes, any religious organization in Alameda County with a 501(c) (non-profit) designation can apply. 


Can schools apply?

No, private and public schools are not eligible for funding. For schools-related support, contact Angelina Vergara at


Can an Alameda County government facility/department apply for funding?

No, Alameda County municipalities are not eligible for funding.


Can we submit a project proposal that would only be able to move forward when COVID restrictions have been lifted?

No – all proposals submitted must be able to be implemented during this time of COVID restrictions.

If my application contains a partner, can each partner request the maximum amount allowed per grant focus area?

No, any application submitted can only request the maximum amount allowed per focus area. However, priority consideration will be given to applicants with an identified partner who is integral to proposed project.

Is there a way to get feedback on the viability of a project before I submit an application?

Yes, we encourage applicants to reach out to discuss proposals/project idea, please contact Meri Soll at


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