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Waste Prevention Equipment Grants

Deadline for submissions has now closed.

These grants fund equipment and durable operational materials that help eliminate waste in two specific categories: transport packaging and surplus edible food.

Reusable Transport Packaging prevents waste by replacing limited-life packaging used in manufacturing, transportation and/or distribution with durable alternatives, designed for many years of use. Typical examples are the replacement of cardboard boxes with hand-held plastic totes or disposable plastic film used to secure loads onto pallets with reusable pallet wraps.

Food Donation Transport and Storage Equipment prevents food waste by supporting the rescue (donation) of surplus edible food that would otherwise go to waste, thereby increasing capacity for businesses to donate food and/or organizations to safely transport and distribute food for donation. Typical examples are temperature-controlled food storage equipment such as insulated totes, thermal blankets, refrigerators and freezers.  

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Who can apply

This grant is available to nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Projects must be located in Alameda County and/or prevent waste generated in Alameda County.

Eligible projects

Reusable Transport Packaging projects must reduce transport packaging waste generated in Alameda County OR reduce packaging used to transport materials/products originating outside of Alameda County that are shipped with an end destination in Alameda County. Projects that seek to replace repurposed materials (such as used cardboard boxes that are donated to your organization) are not eligible.

Food Donation Transport and Storage Equipment projects must reduce food waste generated or disposed of in Alameda County. Projects that compost surplus food, rather than using it to feed people, are not eligible.

Funding amounts

Up to $10,000 per grant request.


Deadline for submissions has now closed.


Grantee Highlights

Fifth Crow Farm: Reusable Transport Packaging

Fifth Crow Farm is a certified organic farm with a 200 member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) home delivery service. With help from a $7,000 Waste Prevention Equipment Grant they purchased 400 stackable plastic totes to eliminate the recurring purchase of waxed, non-recyclable cardboard boxes for transporting produce to CSA subscribers. The change keeps 1,440 waxed cardboard boxes out of the landfill and saves the farm $1,200 per year.


Replate: Food Donation Transport & Storage Equipment

Replate, a nonprofit food donation recovery service in the East Bay, used a $3,850 Waste Prevention Equipment grant to purchase insulated blankets, insulated pan carriers, hot/cold packs, and insulated delivery bags. These materials will help Replate keep recovered prepared food at safe temperatures during transport so it can be redistributed to feed people experiencing food insecurity.