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“Green” purchasing is no different from any other form of product evaluation usually done before a purchase is made, be it by governments, businesses or consumers. Environmental purchasing simply considers a greater range of product criteria. Departments may begin an environmental purchasing program by focusing initially on certain types of products or services and expanding to others as they gain experience.

Several cities in Alameda County have started by looking at contracts as they come up for competitive bidding, and revising specifications for environmentally preferable products in phases. If you purchase for a public agency in Alameda County, the Alameda County General Services Agency is committed to sharing their resources and experiences to promote green purchasing in public agencies. Policies, success stories, bids, specifications and other resources are available at
StopWaste can also provide governments and businesses with sample contract language and specifications, and lists of local vendors for a variety of products.
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How do I get started purchasing more of these products?
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How do I get started purchasing more of these products?