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Food Waste Reduction Grants Priorities

The Food Waste Prevention & Recovery, Surplus Food Donation Equipment, and Community Food Systems grants are looking to support projects that prioritize one or more of these key areas. Projects that do not fit in these key areas, but still fit in with the project goals will still be considered. Priority will be given to projects that:
  • Incorporate food waste prevention approaches
    • Projects that undertake upstream initiatives to eliminate or reduce the generation of surplus food from food businesses, especially initiatives focused on reducing less desirable food items that are challenging or unwanted in food donation programs.
  • Recover and redistribute prepared food
    • Projects that aim to recover and redistribute hot or cold, prepared food from Tier 2 generators such as restaurants, hospitals, and schools (those included in SB1383 Tier 2 commercial edible food generator (CEFG) category).
  • Implement client choice food distribution models
    • Projects that prioritize culturally appropriate food distribution with dignity and client choice.
  • Provide donated food to the most underserved communities
    • Projects that are serving individuals and families in neighborhoods identified as low-income or underserved; address gaps in services; or other criteria that highlight an increased need.
    • Projects that distribute donated food in a model that reaches people with limited mobility and access, such as seniors, mobility impaired, etc.
  • Offer multi-benefit services
    • Food waste prevention, recovery, or upcycling projects that also provide additional community benefits, such as job training, economic empowerment, community education about nutrition and/or storage tips, supporting small businesses, food sharing partnerships.
  • Demonstrate community partnerships and support
    • Cooperative projects that are rooted in the communities served.
    • Projects that empower, elevate, and strengthen communities through intentional collaborations.

We will not be funding:

  • Requests to purchase vehicles, trucks, or vans will not be considered for funding in the following categories: Food Waste Prevention & Recovery, Surplus Food Donation Equipment, and Community Food Systems.