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Grantee - Eden Garden - FY19-20

Eden Garden provides fresh, organic food for those in need and to give people a hands on opportunity to learn about growing their own food. Engaged 25 Eden Garden, Crosswinds Church and community members in the first 1 week Stop Food Waste Challenge. Will be holding culminating event with how-to tip stations at harvest celebration. Funds will be used to improve garden infrastructure and grow more food.

Grantee - Community Impact Lab - FY18-19

Community Impact Lab strives to be a force for action and to expand opportunities that everyone, especially women and children, have to be impactful. Engaged 25 CIL members to take the 6-week Stop Food Waste Challenge and shared 6 educational posts. Culminating event piggybacked on cooking meals for Women's Shelter and potluck. Engaged other community groups, as well. Funds supported reusable containers for monthly dinners.


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